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It works to cover all disciplines of design. Its basic idea is to bring a holistic approach by combining disciplines for common and qualified production, and to bring the differences together and turn the creative ideas that emerge from the difference into reality.


AksIDEA comes together every season and works as a workshop, an idea factory for the city!

How does it work?

Aks gathers

representatives of 10 universities and 8000 students in the capital through communities. It also makes an open call. It creates interaction.


Taking the applications of the representatives who came together, a working group called IDEA is formed with 50 people. This created group becomes Aks IDEA participant in a period of 3 months.


The ideas produced in the panels and workshops are discussed and planned by the Aks core team jury, and they are turned into activities and projects.

Studies are carried out on the themes of cultural heritage, digital future and climate change. Panels and workshops are organized under the coordination of the Aks core team.


After project/event approval, fieldwork begins. Cooperation with institutions such as municipalities, public institutions, private companies can also be realized for the ideas produced at this stage.

After the studies, the project/activity is completed. With its dynamic and young structure, Aks brought together all the actors of the city, worked in cooperation, and thus made production for the city.



season#1 & season#2

Do you want to join us? The new term call will be active here soon!

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