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Aks is a strategic design studio working in the creative industries.

While producing focus in the field of Creative Industries in the context of design, architecture and planning, it develops sustainable solutions, strategies and projects with research and gamification methods by rethinking cities at different scales in relation to its social impact.




idea is a city laboratory!

It works to cover all disciplines of design. Its basic idea is to bring a holistic approach by combining disciplines for common and qualified production, and to bring the differences together and turn the creative ideas that emerge from the difference into reality. 

AksIDEA comes together every season and works as a workshop, an idea factory for the city!



aks+ digital game studio that designs, changes and develops the city by gamifying!



Training programs created within the scope of "aks academy" focus on the transformative role of local culture in resilient and sustainable development; attaches importance to developing the diversity,

knowledge and skill capacity of future designers; creates studios covering culture, creativity and green work.

It takes its principles from community-based design, diversity brought by togetherness and gamification methods.


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