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Aks is a strategic design studio working in the creative industries. 

While producing focus in the field of Creative Industries in the context of design, architecture and planning, it develops sustainable solutions, strategies and projects with research and gamification methods by rethinking cities at different scales in relation to its social impact.

The world is changing, what is changing is our own future!

It draws a vision based on the principles of community-based design, co-design of the space, gamification, and play, with the aim of guiding this change in the new era of changing paradigms.

Founded in Ankara, in 2019, Aks believes in the power of community-based design and carries out a collective production based on collaboration between disciplines. It creates a team that shapes their own utopia in the construction of the future by bringing design disciplines together on a common ground.

Aks creates solutions that improve the space by defending the right to the city with projects based on the principle of polyphony and cooperation developed by the creative team. With the solutions it produces, it develops practices that are inclusive, compatible with nature and against standardization.


Now there is a need to develop a perspective with a new understanding!

Aks considers Architecture and Urbanism as a research object and within its own academy, which is called IDEA, it proposes a new model with the gamification method by getting rid of the existing design education models.


Aks dreams of a polyphonic, inclusive and non-standardised, innovative and experimental world in the future, in harmony with nature, not against it.

Aks is pursuing this dream, and by thinking about the past, it shapes the present and sustains nature and culture into the future.

Aks is ready to direct its future by turning its direction to the world on this path that it has set out as a pioneer in Ankara with the vision it has drawn
and the methods it has developed!

First of all, it should be stated; "This is an Ankara memory, an Ankara business."

Inspired by the artery of the city, it exists with the young and dynamic spirit of the capital. 

It is an initiative that constantly improves itself and adopts the principle of leaving its mark on everything it affects. 

A multi-voiced and colorful multidisciplinary team trying to convey the energy and vision of the city and realize the future imagination that the city deserves.

The story of the main axis of the city, Atatürk Boulevard, and the capital city that hosts many intersections. 

The meeting of a creative collective mind with dynamism. And the reflection of this on everything that the republic has influenced with its vision of the capital. 

In short, Aks is an Ankara business.

Executive Team

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