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Renewal for Resilience

What is the Renewal for Resilience project?

It is a 4-day event organized in cooperation with AnkaraAks and EU Information Centers and with the contributions of the EU Delegation to Turkiye. The event which will be held face-to-face in Ankara on 9-12 October consists of talks, panels, discussions, movie night, concerts, creative meetings, networking activities and workshops.

The main purpose of the event  is to raise awareness about the New European Bauhaus initiative. How should we collectively rebuild the resilient future spaces after the earthquake disaster that we recently experienced in our country? In the event, we will find answers to this question with the New European Bauhaus perspective.

The target audience of the event are students/young professionals working or interested  in a city-related field.

Etkinlik Programı

In my opinion, NEB can be interpreted as both a return to the essence and an understanding of the essence. Interpreting the values of the Bauhaus movement in today's conditions and in accordance with the spirit of the time keeps NEB in a bond between the past and the present.


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