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1. Launch of the New European Bauhaus: The initiative was officially launched in September 2020 by the European Commission. This marked the beginning of the movement to reimagine and redesign sustainable and inclusive living in Europe.
2. Call for Ideas: The New European Bauhaus issued a call for ideas and projects, inviting architects, designers, artists, and the public to contribute their innovative concepts and proposals that blend sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusivity.
3. Design Phase: Throughout 2021 and beyond, the initiative engaged in the design phase, working on refining and shaping the selected ideas and projects into actionable plans for implementation.
4. Pilot Projects: The New European Bauhaus planned to support and fund pilot projects that embody the principles of the initiative. These projects serve as practical examples of how to combine sustainability and design in various contexts.
5. Engagement with Stakeholders: The initiative aimed to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including local authorities, businesses, cultural institutions, and civil society, to ensure a collaborative approach in shaping the New European Bauhaus.
6. New European Bauhaus Prize: The European Commission introduced the New European Bauhaus Prize to recognize outstanding examples of architecture and design that align with the initiative's principles. The first edition of the prize was announced in 2021.
7. Integration with EU Policies: The New European Bauhaus sought to integrate its principles with other European Union policies and programs, such as the Green Deal and the Digital Europe program, to ensure a holistic approach to sustainability and design.
8. International Collaboration: The initiative aimed to collaborate with international partners to exchange knowledge and best practices in sustainable design and architecture.
9. Education and Training: The New European Bauhaus looked to develop educational and training programs to nurture talent in sustainable design and architecture.


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