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Istanbul in 5 Senses: Golden Horn Workshop

October, 2022 / Istanbul

Istanbul in 5 Senses: Golden Horn Workshop, which aims to discover and experience Istanbul through the senses and to discuss this experience with various production methods, was organized by Marmara Municipalities Union in cooperation with Istanbul Planning Agency, Ankara Aks and Urban Strategy, within the scope of Urban October.

Istanbul Workshop in 5 Senses is a series of workshops that aims to discover and experience Istanbul through the senses, and to reveal and exhibit these experiences with various production methods.

Celebrated by UNHabitat as "Urban October" and translated as "Urban October" as MBB, the workshop, which takes place on the axis of urbanization and within the scope of the "World Metropolitan Day" works to be carried out during the month of October, will be held after the interviews to be held beforehand. It also provides mental preparation.


The workshop, which enables the participants to experience the city they live in by focusing on a single sense outside of daily life, presents a different perspective of Istanbul by revealing what the participants do not see, ignore or overlook in the city.


It started with the online seminars held by Murat Germen, Çisel Karacebe and Cansu Şekular on October 18 with the participation of 24 young people under the age of 30. The workshop started with the fieldwork of 5 different thematic groups on seeing, hearing, touching, hearing and tasting in the Golden Horn on 25-26 October 2022 and discussions at the Union of Marmara Municipalities and completed with the production process on 27-28 October 2022 at the IPA Campus.

After an enjoyable, discovery-filled and exciting 4 days, each subgroup had its own unique output and setup!

  • In the Vision Workshop, the participants asked, “How do we see the Golden Horn?” from the videos taken during the fieldwork. He prepared a video collage work as an answer to the question.

  • Hearing Workshop participants created various collages by bringing together the 133 sounds they recorded in the Golden Horn, based on a setup they determined during the production days, and described what these sounds make us feel.

  • At the Fragrance Workshop, “What if Istanbul were a scent?” Based on the question, the participants created a scent map and matched the scents of the Golden Horn with various colors.

  • The Taste Workshop team focused on street flavors, which are an important part of Istanbul's food culture, and examined the changing dynamics of taste and its historical development. At the end of the workshop, the group made a taste map for the past, present and future of the area and gave the "Golden Horn's recipe".

  • As part of the Touching Workshop, “If Istanbul was a texture, how would we feel when we touched it?” A model revealing the texture of the field in a sense was unearthed in the workshop.

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