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Kediseven Street Design Project

January, 2021 / Ankara


Kediseven Street Design Project

Kediseven Design Project is a street rehabilitation project proposed to the Presidency of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Design Principles - Adapted to human scale with reference to cat ladders for seating units. It is aimed to offer pedestrians the opportunity to rest, taking into account the pandemic conditions with distanced seating units. - Various usage alternatives are offered to pedestrians along the street, with seating units of various sizes and stopping points that provide a natural distribution for street life and guidance between the beginning and the end of the street. -As a suggestion of plant and tree species adapted to the Ankara climate, the upright juniper is considered probable. - It is envisaged that the bollards and bicycle parking points will be a holistic pavement element in order to minimize the vehicles that are likely to go to the pavement and to allow bicycle users to park comfortably. In addition, with the continuous cat motifs on the fathers, mobility and visual continuity are provided in the form of "flipbook".

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