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Gençlik Parkı Activity Area

November, 2020 / Ankara

AnkaraAks Gençlik Parkı Etkinlik Alanı_7.jpg

Gençlik Parkı Activity Area

While the “Gençlik Parkı Activity Area” was being designed, multifunctional zones were created so that the young population could easily use the area for culture and art activities. The aim was to increase the interaction with the city by strengthening the visual connections of the area with Anıtkabir. Decks defined around the oak tree that are created at different levels from each other respond to the needs of the users as sitting units and possible study spots. The L shaped units located next to them were designed as a seating area for the stage. A mini stage and installations were implemented in the space defined by a pergola. The exhibition panels were suitable to the outdoor conditions. The needs of the new cultural area were met with a meeting room to respond to common use, two working offices and a welcome area. It is expected to increase the bond of young people with the city with the events to be held in the coming days.

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