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Create It & Change It

May, 2022 / Ankara


Create It & Change It
Realize your idea, change the future!


“The future is changing, what has changed is our future!” The year 2022 has been declared by the European Commission as the European Year of Youth to build a more sustainable, greener, more inclusive and better digital future. As part of the European Youth Year, which is a year that offers the opportunity to move forward with confidence and hope towards the future after the pandemic, we are taking action to share our vision, ideas, establish new collaborations and make our voices heard! With Create It & Change It Ankara, we, as the Young Spirit of the Capital, are taking another effective step towards making our dreams come true. We are opening the door to transform creativity and social entrepreneurship, green thinking and sustainability issues into action in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, beyond just an idea!


We bring together young people and authorized institutions and organizations. Create It represents the process in which young people and young entrepreneurs "produce" their projects with creativity, and Change It represents their "realization" by receiving support within the scope of the event.

“Create It, Change It!” will be held at CoZone on May 17, 2022 with the cooperation of the European Union Delegation, Ankara EU Information Center and AnkaraAks. It is a meeting event that will bring together creative and young initiatives from the fields of climate crisis, urban culture, digital future and gender equality with international diplomatic representatives and authorized institutions and organizations.

The opening speech was given by the Vice President of the EU Delegation to Turkey, Mrs. Eleftheria Pertzinidou. In the event where EU Information Centers and EU Delegation took place, startups set up their own stands. Among the projects that made a presentation at the event were AksIDEA, Atölye Bez, Dünyayı Kurtarma Rehberi, Lavarla, Ortaklaşa, PinGoin, urbaNScale, Yolda Inititative.

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