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Lecture: Continuous & Recreated Spaces in Body Interaction

April, 2022 / Ankara

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Body Interactive Space Design

In cooperation with Goethe Institute Ankara and Nomadic Academy, we gave a lecture focusing on body and space! Was the movement above all? Would it be wrong to say that everything started with movement, it should be discussed. But this can be argued, because first there has to be movement. Greek for "for or against what?" As the question states, "relation" also includes the idea of ​​movement. This allows theorizing the connections between things and becomes a nice tool for sociologists (although this point is not so clearly stated); because it is an undeniable fact that "society" is in a constant state of change and flux, and people actively participate in this flow. (James Wendy, 2013) The body-interactive space design process and accessibility issues developed within the scope of the course are discussed. The course has been structured through the experience of space and body movement within the scope of accessibility and examining its relationship, and has progressed in the logic of an interactive workshop where explanations are made through performance art / modern dance as an experience in space. Basically, “how does the user experience the space in the most effective way? How is this interaction experienced in urban space and architectural structures in Ankara?” spatialized through questions. In addition, in this course, its traces in the Ankara context were followed, taking into account the school and philosophy it brought, inspired by modern dance, which stands right in front of the classical, sharply and clearly defined ballet, which does not give freedom to the dancer, and constructs the psychological and symbolic meanings of each movement.

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